Music Video: Nakhane Toure - Fog

South African singer Nakhane Toure's video for 'Fog', nominated for the Design Indaba/Most Beautiful Object In South Africa 2014 award, is confrontingly direct, the stark black-and-white imagery of the video's single shot seeing Toure clean ... Continue reading

Music Video: Jeffrey James - Gonna Do

Nashville based singer/songwriter Jeffrey James embraces a musical aesthetic that is steeped in the best traditions of honest emotional expression and a passionate on-stage dynamism, saying 'I would describe my music as rock/soul; ... Continue reading

Music Video: Mike Bauer - Sugar

Looking to 'create an old school Motown vibe with a modern twist' for the third installment of his 'Financial Aid' series, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Mike Bauer sets a rueful mood with the ... Continue reading