Music Video: Mapei - Don't Wait

American recording artist by the name of Mapei is emerging within the music industry. Mapei’s soulful vocals, with the aesthetic baile drums will draw one’s attention almost instantly. Mapei was born in Rhode ... Continue reading

Music Video: Nakhane Toure - Fog

South African singer Nakhane Toure's video for 'Fog', nominated for the Design Indaba/Most Beautiful Object In South Africa 2014 award, is confrontingly direct, the stark black-and-white imagery of the video's single shot seeing Toure clean ... Continue reading

Music Video: Jeffrey James - Gonna Do

Nashville based singer/songwriter Jeffrey James embraces a musical aesthetic that is steeped in the best traditions of honest emotional expression and a passionate on-stage dynamism, saying 'I would describe my music as rock/soul; ... Continue reading

Music Video: Mike Bauer - Sugar

Looking to 'create an old school Motown vibe with a modern twist' for the third installment of his 'Financial Aid' series, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Mike Bauer sets a rueful mood with the ... Continue reading