Miguel LIVE - Presented by Sony's X Headphones / Fader Fort x Converse (CMJ)

Around 200 eager fans piled into the first floor of Sony’s flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York on Friday to hear the guy that has been the buzz of the music industry for the past few weeks, Miguel. The rising R&B star has been busy promoting his second album Kaleidoscope Dream which was released October 2. Word had gotten around about the singer’s showcase as fans that weren't able to get in huddled around the windows to hopefully catch a glimpse of the show.

Miguel kept it intimate with just a guitar player and a DJ to accompany him on his five-song set. The small setting and the high vaulted ceilings of the Sony building truly allowed Miguel’s voice to shine. The perfection of his ability to hit the falsetto could not be ignored or overshadowed. Miguel opened with “Do You...” and the crowd immediately began to sing every word, a true showing of Miguel’s recent success. He did not seem to mind it either as he paused to hear the crowd sing along and take in the moment. He reached into his first album All I Want Is You, singing “Girl With The Tattoo” and his first big radio hit, “Sure Thing.” Naturally, Miguel closed with “Adorn,” the song that has easily been his biggest song to date. As he grooved along to the chorus, his voice echoing throughout the lobby, he proved exactly why he deserves the hype surrounding him.

Miguel is in the driver seat of his career. The show displayed he has the vocals and style to become as big as he wants to. He said he was only going to play a few songs as to not take up too much of our time. As Miguel finished the last song it seemed fans could have stayed all night listening to him sing.

Miguel, "Adorn" Live at The FADER FORT Presented by Converse

Later on in the night, Miguel made his way to Brooklyn to perform at the Fader Fort alongside Jhene Aiko.

Written by Lauren Moranor - [ @lmmoranor / Livin'PartOfLife ]

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